Meditation course booked!


Now that I’ve reached 50 years of age I’m working hard on improving my physical health however I do realise its just as important to consider the health of your mind too.

I’ve read the odd book on mindfulness and spirituality including the brilliant ‘The Power of Now‘ by Eckhart Tolle, a book I had to read more than once just to get my head around it. Tolle explains the only way to live your life is in the present moment rather than worrying about the past (which has gone) or the future (which isn’t here yet). This makes perfect sense although is sometimes easier said than done!

Especially the future bit… your future is to a certain extent determined by what and how you plan for today… if you drift through your life and don’t plan anything, things tend not to happen. Nobody knocks on your door and produces a life for you and I’m a firm believer that you create your own luck and create your own happiness in life. Which requires thinking about the future…

Anyway… back to the point before I start over-thinking… I did experience a touch of mind calming and a couple of minutes of meditation while doing yoga classes recently in the Maldives but have never participated in ‘proper’ meditation sessions…

Well… Chris (my husband) and I have just booked a 6 week course of weekly beginners meditation sessions to start after Easter! I’m quite intrigued as I’m not really sure what to expect…

I’ll post updates in due course…

UPDATE: Sadly the meditation course was cancelled due to lack of participants… will search for another one…





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