Capsule wardrobe summary


I’m marking this as a success as I now have a minimum amount of clothes, all of which fit and all of which I wear. Old clothes get taken to a clothing bank once they are worn out or replaced with new items.

I have spare hanging space in the wardrobe; my jumper and underwear draws have gaps and shut properly; I can find things to wear within a few seconds rather than rummaging around.

Having no need to impress anyone or feel concerned about being judged by anyone I’m happy to wear the same clothes on a regular basis. For example, my black work trousers and range of about 3 different work tops get worn each week on the 2 or 3 days I go into the office. The rest of the time I tend to wear jeans or the odd dress if I’m going out. As well as reducing clutter this minimalist clothing approach keeps life simple 🙂

This does also give me a big incentive not to gain weight… none of my clothes are in a larger size so it would cost a small fortune to replace them again…






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