Walking update week 32

Liverpool early morning walks!

I’ve had a busy week with a few days in Liverpool for work and a weekend with my family in Suffolk! Keen to continue with my walking mileage and also to spend a bit of time exploring I got up early 4 times this week and did 2 x 3.5 mile early morning Liverpool walks and a couple of early morning (1 x 4 miles and 1 x 6 miles) beach walks in Lowestoft.

Early morning is a beautiful time of the day when the sun is rising and there are hardly any people about.

Running total (to week 31): 1,232

Miles walked in week 32: 37

Total walked in 2018: 1,269

Lowestoft beach










Walking update week 31

Norfolk beach walk

With a weekend in Norfolk I did couple of lovely walks in week 31!

Running total (to week 30): 1,187

Miles walked in week 31: 45

Total walked in 2018: 1,232

Hickling Broad Nature Reserve

Walking update weeks 28-30

Evening walk with local walking club

As my personal challenge to walk 1050 miles in 2018 is now complete I’m going to up the ante and aim for 2050 miles! I love walking and pushing myself and having a goal is motivating.

This is an update for the last 3 weeks:

Total miles walked so far in 2018 at the end of week 27: 1045

Miles walked in week 28: 45

Miles walked in week 29: 41

Miles walked in week 30: 56

Running total in 2018: (1045 + 45 + 41 + 56) = 1,187


1050 walking challenge complete!

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 22.06.25
Image courtesy of Google Maps

Hurrah! I completed 1050 miles of 2018 walking yesterday, Monday 9th July!Β 

The final mile was completed during a fabulously warm 30 degrees summer evening during a short local walk near to my home. As Google Maps (above) shows, this is almost as far as walking from London to Rome!

Here are a few stats:

Average miles per day: (1050 miles / 192 days) = 5.5 miles

Average miles per week: (1050 miles / 27 weeks) = 39 miles

Average miles per month: (1050 miles / 6.3 months) = 167 miles

Keeping a record of all of these extra miles walked has been really motivating and has encouraged me to walk more miles each day and has definitely helped to keep my weight down… I’m planning to continue totting up my daily and weekly mileage and will post updates from time to time… maybe I can reach 2000 miles within these 12 months?



Weeks 26 – 27 walking progress

Week 26 walking progress:

  • Total miles walked in week 26 = 52
  • Average per day for this week (52 / 7) = 7.43
  • Running total = 981 + 52 = 1033
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 1033) = 17

Nearly there… I did quite a bit of evening walking this week… the lovely warm summer evenings continue in the UK which makes it a real pleasure to spend them walking!

Jurassic Park scenery on Cuba hike

Week 27 walking progress:

  • Total miles walked in week 27 = 12
  • Average per day for this week (12 / 7) = 1.71
  • Running total = 1033 + 12 = 1045
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 1045) = 5

So close to reaching my target but only around 12 miles walked for the duration of this week… I was on a relaxing holiday in Cuba! A couple of these miles were walked during a short guided hike from the hotel (above pic) and another couple were walked in the gorgeous Havana… I did a local walk on the Sunday evening when I returned but the rest of the time my walking consisted of to the pool; to the beach and to one of the numerous dotted bars around the hotel!



Smashed 1000 miles!

Local river

A short mid week update as today I passed the 1000th mile walked so far in 2018 πŸ™‚

The weather in the UK has been awesome this week… temperatures up to 30 degrees C and endless blue skies… perfect for clocking up several miles in these gorgeous evenings.

I walked a total 16 miles today:

  • Walking to the stations and back (5 miles)
  • Gym cross trainer and tread mill (5 miles)
  • Evening local walk (6 miles)

These miles don’t include miles when I am milling around the office or popping out to get some lunch or wandering around at home. They are miles walked over and above what is necessary to conduct my day to day life. I wasn’t originally going to include gym miles but as I work so hard to achieve them I felt they should be included. I estimate that around 25% (or 250 miles) would have been gym miles.

As of today I’ve walked a total of 1,007 miles so only 43 off my personal target of walking 1050Β extraΒ miles this year and in only 6 months rather than 12!

I’m doing more and more miles each week and its getting easier and easier to walk around 15 miles some days… I haven’t been this fit in years, if not decades! Previously, after a 10 mile hike I would collapse on the sofa for the rest of the evening. Now, after 15 miles I feel I could keep going on and on and with no aching muscles in the mornings. (Although this would be a different story if my hikes included hills or mountains… the area in which I live is very flat…)




Week 25 walking progress

Week 25 walking progress:

  • Total miles walked in week 25 = 71
  • Average per day for this week (71 / 7) = 10.14
  • Running total = 910 + 71 = 981
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 981) = 69

Under 100 miles to go! Yay! And I completed the most miles this week so far this year πŸ™‚

To achieve a total of 71 miles walked in one week:

  • Mon 18th June: walk to the local swimming pool and back at lunchtime and evening walk = 8 miles
  • Tue 19th: walk to and from stations to work and back; gym; lunchtime walk and evening walk = 17 miles
  • Wed 20th: walk to and from stations to work and back and gym = 9 miles
  • Thu 21st: walk to local retail park and back = 3.5 miles
  • Fri 22nd: work + gym + lunchtime = 11 miles
  • Sat 23rd: retail park = 4 miles
  • Sun 24th: local walk with my friend (9.23 miles) and an additional impromptu local walk later the same day (9.21 miles) = 18.5 miles

The weather has been cracking this week… beautiful and sunny and during this time of the year, it doesn’t get dark until around 10 pm. I’ve therefore been making the most of being outside and increasing my walking mileage! Today, I had made plans to continue decluttering and tidying up around my home this afternoon but instead decided to go for a second lengthy walk of over 9 miles in the sun! Decluttering can wait for a rainy day πŸ™‚






Weeks 23 and 24 walking progress

Week 23 walking progress:

  • Total for week 23 = 45
  • Average per day for this week (45 / 7) = 6.43
  • Running total = 818 + 45 = 863
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 863) = 187

Week 24 walking progress:

  • Total for week 24 = 47
  • Average per day for this week (47 / 7) = 6.71
  • Running total = 863 + 47 = 910
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 910) = 140

I’m very pleased with my walking progress and only have 140 miles left to walk in 2018 until I reach my target! Woohoo πŸ™‚

The weather in the UK has been really pleasant throughout the last couple of weeks and several of these miles were walked near to my home… making an extra effort to walk extra miles and make the most of the lovely weather. The wild flower photos below were all taken on recent local wanders…




Weeks 21 and 22 walking progress

Alaska hiking

Week 21 walking progress:

  • Total for week 21 = 40
  • Average per day for this week (40 / 7) = 5.71
  • Running total = 711 + 40 = 751
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 751) = 299

Week 22 walking progress:

  • Total for week 22 = 67
  • Average per day for this week (67 / 7) = 9.57
  • Running total = 751 + 67 = 818
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 818) = 232

What an amazing couple of walking weeks! I did this during a fantastic Seattle break (week 21) followed by an Alaskan cruise (weeks 21 and 22). As well as several hours of wandering around exploring Seattle I decided to focus on the hiking excursions on offer while on the cruise.

And 67 miles in week 22! Wow… what an effort and the best walking week so far of 2018… and while on the cruise for the whole of this week! I must say I did push myself in the gym, walking around the ship and walking around at all of the ports of call mostly because I wanted to eat a bit more than usual and enjoy the delicious food and desserts without increasing my weight! (My big post-cruise weigh-in is tomorrow…)






Week 20 walking progress

Beautiful day on Sunday walking through millions of buttercups!

Week 20 walking progress:

  • Total for week 20 = 54 miles
  • Average per day for this week (54 / 7) = 7.71
  • Running total = 657 + 54 = 711 miles
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 711) = 339

Hurrah! This is the most miles I’ve walked so far in a single week… probably ever… I did extra miles at the gym this week and included these… and I’ve done 3 x walks with local walking clubs (Wednesday evening, Friday evening and Sunday) all of which have really pushed my mileage up!