Thank you for visiting my blog which marks my 50 years on the planet! Yes, 2018 is the year I turn 50 and below are 50 challenges, experiences, health and wellbeing aspirations and places to visit during 2018. Well… nearly 50… I’ve left some ‘spares’ at the end in anticipation of more ideas and opportunities cropping up throughout the year…

  1. Set up and maintain a new blog throughout 2018 ON TRACK
  2. Detox for a week in January COMPLETE
  3. Get to a weight of 9 stone and maintain this throughout the year ON TRACK
  4. Go to the gym at least twice a week throughout 2018 ON TRACK
  5. Have a 50th birthday party COMPLETE
  6. Take a trip to the Maldives COMPLETE
  7. Go snorkelling COMPLETE
  8. Go on a cruise
  9. Go to Cuba with my best friend to celebrate our 50th’s
  10. A holiday to Croatia with our adult kids
  11. Go on a snowy weekend in Switzerland
  12. A short break to Montenegro
  13. Visit my parents in Portugal COMPLETE
  14. Clutter overhaul: get rid of all excess clutter
  15. Learn how to meditate
  16. Do an art class
  17. Have an afternoon tea
  18. Read a book every month  ON TRACK
  19. Hike the Seven Sisters coastal path Sussex
  20. Go camping
  21. Spend a night in a 5 star hotel
  22. Try a series of yoga sessions COMPLETE
  23. Go on a long bike ride or cycling weekend
  24. Go on a UK weekend road trip
  25. Take a cooking class
  26. Climb a mountain
  27. Eat vegetarian only food for a month PLANNED FOR MARCH
  28. Eat vegan only food for a month PLANNED FOR APRIL
  29. Significantly reduce plastic consumption
  30. Take a dance class
  31. Try a new activity
  32. Visit a new city in the UK
  33. Go to a Christmas market in Germany
  34. Get my fortune read
  35. Create a capsule wardrobe
  36. Drink at an ice bar
  37. Travel to a new European capital city
  38. Walk a section of the Pembrokeshire coast
  39. Watch the whole series of Greg Braden’s Missing Links
  40. Volunteer for something I am passionate about
  41. List 50 things I am grateful for
  42. List 50 future adventures
  43. List 50 of my favourite songs
  44. List my top 50 experiences to date
  45. Have a ride on a segway
  46. Complete final 7 miles of Norfolk Coast Path
  47. Get a new job or promotion
  48. Walk 1050 miles ON TRACK
  49. Spare
  50. Spare

“Because life is short and the world is large…”