February gym progress

The last day of the month and I am pleased to report good progress throughout February. As in January I’ve completed a session at my work gym every time I’ve been into work  so I’m still averaging at least two sessions a week.

I’m fortunate the work gym is never busy and even during peak times in the mornings, there is usually only a handful of other people. Going to the gym before I start work has a number of benefits and I’ve found puts me in a positive mood for the rest of the day.

After nearly 3 months of regular gym sessions, together with swimming and hiking I am noticing real differences in my fitness levels. It is great to be able to climb several flights of stairs or a steep hill without having to stop and catch my breath!

I haven’t had any personal trainer sessions and at the moment, my one hour routine is something like this:

  • 10 minutes rowing
  • 15 minutes cross trainer (alternating between fast/high intensity and slower/lower intensity)
  • 15 minutes weights (mainly shoulders and arms)
  • 20 minutes treadmill (5 mins running; 10 mins steep incline; 5 mins warm down)

This varied routine stops me from becoming bored and hopefully exercises most muscle groups!

And now, at home, I spend 5 minutes each day laying on the floor doing stomach exercises, those I learned during my Maldives yoga sessions





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