Week 1 walking progress

This is a newly added challenge… as I enjoy walking and trekking I decided to add a walking challenge for this year!

personalised walking challenge…

Many people pledge to ‘Walk 1000 miles in a year‘ for various reasons but probably mainly for the excellent health and wellbeing benefits you achieve by regular walking. These include:

  • Burns extra calories
  • Builds stamina
  • Strengthens your heart
  • Reduces the likelihood of many serious diseases
  • Keeps you active
  • Improves your mood
  • Its free

My spin on this is to walk 1050 miles this year… an extra 50 in my year of turning 50…

This is an average of 2.88 miles a day or 20.16 miles a week

I don’t have a fit bit or app or anything to calculate this accurately so I will just estimate the extra walking i.e. where I have chosen to walk rather than drive or take public transport or any specific walking or trekking I undertake.

For example, week 1:

  • Mon: (New Years Day = couch potato = 0)
  • Tue: walk to and from train stations (work journey) = 5 miles
  • Wed: walk to swimming pool and back = 1 mile
  • Thu: walk to town centre and back = 2 miles
  • Fri: walk to and from stations = 5 miles
  • Sat: walk to town centre and back = 2 miles
  • Sun: organised walking club walk = 10 miles


  • Total for week 1 = 25 miles
  • Average per day for this week (25 / 7) = 3.57
  • Running total = 25 miles
  • Miles left to walk in 2018 (1050 – 25) = 1025


Hiking in the Peak District




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