1050 walking challenge complete!

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 22.06.25
Image courtesy of Google Maps

Hurrah! I completed 1050 miles of 2018 walking yesterday, Monday 9th July! 

The final mile was completed during a fabulously warm 30 degrees summer evening during a short local walk near to my home. As Google Maps (above) shows, this is almost as far as walking from London to Rome!

Here are a few stats:

Average miles per day: (1050 miles / 192 days) = 5.5 miles

Average miles per week: (1050 miles / 27 weeks) = 39 miles

Average miles per month: (1050 miles / 6.3 months) = 167 miles

Keeping a record of all of these extra miles walked has been really motivating and has encouraged me to walk more miles each day and has definitely helped to keep my weight down… I’m planning to continue totting up my daily and weekly mileage and will post updates from time to time… maybe I can reach 2000 miles within these 12 months?




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